QUFC Rubric
As we are all trying to ‘appeal’ to one another with our entry, it is important that
we are clear on what it means to have a high quality ugly face. Why didn't I get
placed in the last contest? How do we get more votes? Consider these while you are
making your faces.
REALISM is this more of a classic ugly face? or is this something that is going to
give me nightmares? Try to go for a combination of the two. When in doubt, lead
towards being abstract.
CREATIVITY the more creative, the better. Go all out! Show us something that
we could have never imagined and don't be afraid to overdo it.
HUMOROUS The picture that gets the most laughs will generally do well. If you
think that your picture is scary then you've done a good job. Your picture should
haunt us in our dreams.
PURE UGLINESS according to Google, this means repulsive or unpleasant in
appearance. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are certain things
we can all agree on that are generally considered attractive or ugly. Don't think of
the word ugly though, try going for repulsive, nauseating, vile, inhuman, this is what
we're really trying to go for.
One more piece of advice for everyone......take a lot of pictures. The more time and effort
you put into your picture the better your chances are winning. You should of course have
fun, but also remain serious and focused while doing your pictures. Don't be afraid to go
too far. You can't cross the line because there is no line to cross. Be creative, have fun,
and of course make sure you look completely repulsive.
We anticipate the QUFC2 to begin accepting entries on May 1
st. 2020
P.S. In our first QUFC, everyone was placed into one group. From now on there will be an
adult league and one for the kids as well. Thanks guys!