The Quarantine Ugly Face Contest


The Quarantine Ugly Face Contest (originally The Ugly Face Contest) began as a contest between siblings in the Martin family. It is difficult to trace back the origin of the Ugly Face Contest. It is even more difficult to trace back why we started making these faces in the first place.


When I was younger (around 6 years old), my older brother Daniel would make these faces at me. They gave me nightmares. Yes, the faces he made were quite scary. They were petrifying. You see, although it is called an Ugly Face Contest, we have realized that frightening faces are often indeed, the ugliest. Throughout almost my whole life my family and I were making these horrific faces at each other. I suppose the QUFC started as a creative outlet for my family and a way for siblings to torment one another.

Then, one merry Christmas Eve, my oldest sister Nicole had the creative idea to take this unregulated game and make it into a legitimate contest. You submit one entry, and everyone gets to vote for whose face was the ugliest. The one with the most votes wins. The winner got their award-winning face on an ornament which was then placed on our Christmas tree.

In 2020 COVID-19 hit the world. This caused many of us to lose our jobs, and many of us to be a little more bored than we usually are. I was one week into the 2020 quarantine when it hit me. My family needs a Quarantine Ugly Face Contest. I created the QUFC website in March of 2020, and the Quarantine Ugly Face Contest commenced.

The Word "Ugly"

This organization realizes that word ugly is a sensitive word for most people. We mean no offense to anyone. This competition is for the purpose of fun and entertainment only. Thank you.


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Past Entries:
Nicole Kyle Ellen Jay Annie
The QUFC is a non-profit organazation that dreams of one day making a profit.